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Life on Fire Program Details
Redefining what it means to be "rich"

How often have you thought or felt like there should be MORE to life than this? 

More to the day beyond the routine clocking in and out at work, or in your business. 

More to life than being “okay” with things – relationships, kids, family. 

When most people think of being “rich” they picture it in terms of wealth: 
big houses, fancy cars, living the life of Riley…

There is a NEW rich which does involve making money BUT 
– and this is a BIG but – 
happiness comes first. 

It’s about impact over income

It’s about being proud of what you’re doing, 
the help you’re providing, and being richly rewarded for your efforts. 

THAT is what it means to be rich. 

I’ve spent the better part of a decade hunting 
down ways to become happier, healthier, more engaged and most of all focused 
on offering meaningful help to my clients. 

I’ve interviewed some of the top performers of our time – 
millionaire internet moguls, pro football players, innovators and more – 
to discover reasons they succeed AND become the happiest people possible. 

And now I offer YOU the Life on Fire program: the opportunity to find YOUR purpose, 
your path to riches in life and business, with my full support.
Who is this for?
The Life on Fire program is designed for serious and resourceful business owners, 
entrepreneurs and career professionals who want BIG changes. 

Not small incremental adjustments.

You want to blow the DOORS off your sales so you can live the life most people only dream of!

And yes, it is possible. 

I live this every day of my life, and it’s my mission to bring it to you 
so YOU can experience it, too. 

You may not be a millionaire (yet), but that may be in your sights. 

But you will need to have these qualities to be sure that you’re successful 
in getting the life-changing benefits that others have achieved through this program:
  • You’re open-minded to new ideas
  • ​You’re a self-starter, resourceful and can take direction and run with it
  • ​Hard work doesn’t phase you
  • ​The prospect of being happy, fulfilled and rich excites you
  • ​You can picture the life you want to have clearly (and you really, really want it)
  • ​You’re not sure what to do, but open to being coached to help you get there
  • ​New things don’t frighten you – change is scary sometimes, but that’s okay
But it's really not for...
  • ​People looking for a silver bullet without doing any work
  • ​Anyone that wants someone to hold their hand and really do the work for them...(that's cheating!)
  • ​Folks who tend to blame others for where they are in life (this can be changed, but you have to be open to the idea! You can do it!)
I want to be 10,000% certain that this program will help you in all the right ways, 
so if you were nodding your head at the first list (who it’s for) 
and muttering, “No way!” to the “who it’s NOT for” list – then keep reading. 
How it works
Here’s what you get…

As soon as you sign up, you get access to all 12 sessions. Bam!

I highly recommend you dedicate yourself to one per week, doing the work as you progress. It's designed that way for optimal results.

Every Wednesday at 1pm EST, there will be a group Q&A Call, where you can ask questions, get clarification, or more examples so you know exactly how to complete the class for that week.

Participants ALSO get access to a private Facebook group, only for Life on Fire clients, where they can ask questions, post their work for the group to comment and support, and more.

So it’s not just “I drop a video, you watch it, and good luck.”

We’re here every step of the way to help you IMPLEMENT these new ideas, strategies and tactics.

You’ll avoid any OVERWHELM because we’re here to help you, step by step.

This process can awaken some pretty intense feelings – and we don’t want you to be alone if that happens.
You ALSO get these

 BONUS #1: Social Media Mastery 
includes Facebook ads, content strategies for FB and IG, 
Instagram 101 and more! (Value = $5,000)

 BONUS #2: The Great Client Experience 
How taking care of your current & past clients 
can double your sales (Value = $3,500)

 BONUS #3: Purpose Based Branding 
The ULTIMATE marketing strategy for 
lead generation (Value = $3,000)

Total value: $11,500

And you paid exactly ZERO for it! :D 
Program Outline 
Each week builds upon the one before, so it’s key to stay current as you go along. 

From the moment you begin, though, your path to riches – happiness, wealth or 
however you define being “rich” – starts to emerge, crystalize and become possible. 

Here’s a quick rundown of each class: 

Session 1: Defining Your True Purpose

What TRULY drives you? If you don't know, then you'll just circle success without achieving it. What change do you want to see in the world - for your clients, your family, your community? In this class, we define our purpose and our WHY so our plan forward has something to shoot for.

Session  2: Finding Your IDEAL and BEST Client

Now it’s all about WHO needs you the most, based on what help or meaningful change you want to bring about in your world. We go deep into this one, because it’s the basis of ALL your future marketing and sales messaging!

Session  3: Your Biggest Ticket

You can do a thousand things, but truly only a few will allow you to live the life you want AND make money. Here we zero in on what makes the MOST money in the LEAST time with the LOWEST cost that drives the MOST value.

Session  4: Creating Irresistible Offers

There are offers, and then there are IRRESISTIBLE offers – the ones to which no one can say no. There’s a method to developing these, which is thoroughly covered in this class. Plus, I'll show you how to use these offers in multiple channels, literally DOUBLING your sales in the next 12 months. 

Session 5: Crafting the Perfect Marketing Message

Not everyone is a writer, and if you've never written a killer email, or shot a perfect video coming up with the script is tough. I made it easy for you by literally GIVING you the formula for the BEST live video, the BEST email sequence to get more money from your database, and the BEST way to write a Facebook ad. It's all here, including samples for you to swipe, copy and use! 

Session 6: The Funnel and the Flywheel (kinda sounds like a fable, right?)

The traditional sales funnel is showing cracks, but there’s a new method called the Flywheel that is taking over, ensuring your entire client journey is used to generate new, highly qualified new customers. Your GREATEST differentiator in the next 5 years will be your ability to deliver incredible customer experiences. This class gives you examples, ideas and strategies to do just that and BURY the competition.

Session 7: Turning PLANS into ALIGNED ACTION

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to do, it’s time to plan it out so you get it all done WITHOUT becoming overwhelmed. This is a KEY class because overwhelm leads to inaction, and then nothing good happens! If you're intent on doubling your sales this year, then you need to know EXACTLY how to get your big projects done.

Session 8: Productivity Hacks

You can take this course, or any class and be super inspired...but if your day-to-day routine is full of distractions, you'll get NOTHING done (and stay exactly where you are). Graduates of this program ALL say that this class was pivotal in helping them get more done in a day than ever before. Stop working 90 hours a week. Cut that down to 40 in a heartbeat - and get twice the work done.  

Session 9: The Dream 100

You can grow slowly – or you can double your sales in a year. The Dream 100 is THE strategy to implement along with your other marketing efforts, but it will completely transform your business. Whether you're a larger organization, or a "one man army", you can create a sales machine that brings in the BIG clients. You can use this same strategy to HIRE a sales team to do the work for you. It's genius.   

Session 10: Getting Rid of the Negative Stories Holding You Back (a.k.a. Retelling Your Story)

It takes as much effort to think that you WON’T succeed as it does to think that you WILL. We work through the stories you’ve accumulated in your life, some of which are the biggest reason you’re not achieving your full potential. I'll show you exactly how to THINK success into reality, because if you don't believe that it's possible, guess what? It won't be. Thoughts become beliefs, and beliefs become action - which changes your reality. 

Session 11: How Not to Care What Other People Think (a.k.a. The Judgement Detox Class)

From a young age, we worry about what others think of us. But what if we changed the way you thought about others, their opinions and how they affect you? Your competitors and all those nay-sayers aren't bringing you customers so you have to tune them out (or even cut them out if they're toxic enough). This class will show you how to do it with grace and class - but it has to be done.

Session 12: Infinite Energy

If you don’t have the energy to keep up the pace of work, and enjoy life, what’s the point? This last class will show you simple ways to stay energized throughout your day so you can stay on task, and become rich, happy and fulfilled. Most CEO's have the physiques of pro athletes because they KNOW that when they're in top form, their minds and bodies work at their absolute best. 
Are you ready?
Life on Fire touches every aspect of your life…

From the negative stories we tell ourselves that hold us back…

To sales models and marketing concepts that can double or triple your income…

And finally the importance of taking care of yourself so you have the energy to do it all! 

If you’re ready to get rich…

If you’re ready to be happy every day…

If you know that life may not be a straight line, or easy, 
but with the right purpose ahead of you, you know you can handle it...

Then you’re ready to set your Life on Fire. 

What people are saying about Life on Fire
Each week you get an inspirational video and associated worksheets to go through. The program takes you through a step by step process that progresses towards a final plan. Getting your business ideas focussed, getting your head focussed, getting healthier and energized. In retrospect, some of the best learnings from the program are simple, but they would likely have taken a long time to discover on your own. The results of the program give you a mix of inspiration, discovery, process and technical how to's so you can build and grow the business you've always wanted. Now you just have to do the work to make it a reality.

- Kevin
I have more business!!! When I started this course, I had a rich pipeline, but none of the business was active or pending. It was at a concerning point. Another huge change was MINDSET. The Life on Fire course doesn't work on what you do, it concentrates on who you are. Reframing how you see or react or feel about events and clients helps turn things around.

In the last few weeks of this course, I added over $8.1million in volume (either listed or pending). Initially, I looked at another vehicle as the source and off-handedly didn't attribute it to this course. But that's lead gen. This course has helped me change my mindset.

- Chip 
This business coaching program really digs deep into setting intention with how you spend your days, make your decisions, and how you run your business. The program guides you through self and business evaluation processes to help you create more impact in what you are offering to the world based on your personal goals. Further to this, the program forces you to label and confront your fears. You are then provided with the tools and support to start to working through these fears. This program offers incredible support through the community created with group of participants and the coach makes herself 100% available to help you work through the strategies and offers tons of personal reflection. There are also many solid business tools and tips being provided along the way that will help you to stay focused and create a plan in moving forward with achieving your business & personal goals.

- Andrea
My friends and colleagues already have noted a change, mostly around improved focus and clarity of purpose. I am planning a BIG project (have my 5 steps figured out I think)... it will make me a pariah in my industry but will help agents who want to do their own staging (if you can't beat' em, teach 'em!).

- Jill

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